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IPA Private Equity team specializes in strategic development activities involving acquisitions and investments in private equity companies in Vietnam. Our modus operandi places heavy emphasis on high quality fundamental developmental work ranging from investment research to extensive networking initiatives.  
Our business model is designed to work in collaboration and cooperation with a group of established and highly regarded industry practitioners, including former CEOs of established companies. At the strategic level, we ferret out potential targets companies and prepare them for eventual acquisitions by strategic investors. Our work usually involves:

  1. Identifying early investment opportunities through researching private companies that have either unrealized or unexploited potential due to an ineffective management, or are otherwise of high growth potential but under-researched companies.
  2. Working with the target company’s Board of Directors to enhance the capacity of current management team or install a competent management team that possesses the necessary core expertise to enhance the company’s long-term strategy and improve the operational performance through the implementation of a successful growth plan.
  3. Elevating the target company to a new paradigm of demonstrated sustainable profitability and growth, with the objective of attracting a group of sophisticated investors, ultimately to provide them with an exit route to unlock their strategic investments.

Our primary goal is to generate an appropriate rate of return for the target company’s shareholders and/or our strategic investors. We seek to align interests between IPA Investments and our clients by bringing both expertise as well as capital to the table.